Food Panda vs Grab Food: Which is Better? Cheaper?

Food Panda vs Grab Food: Which is Better? Cheaper?

In this pandemic, ordering food online is our top choice to buy our cravings. It’s easy, convenient, and safer than going outside.

In this blog, we will compare the difference between Food Panda and Grab Food to analyze which app is better to use. I’ve been using Grab Food and Food Panda since 2020 and here are my observations.



Both applications are easy to use. It shares the same service of market products and food delivery, and for pick-ups. Grab offers more services such as grab express, load, car service, shopping, bills payment, and more.

In Food Panda, you can upgrade your account to Panda Pro. It’s a premium account with more offers and deals. However, it has monthly subscriptions.

Food Panda has more frequent errors and bug updates than Grab. Some coupons on Food Panda doesn’t work sometimes.

In searching a restaurant, Grab will show you all the branches near you, while in Food Panda, they will only show one branch most of the time.

This is not a good feature if you’re using Food Panda. If you plan to use FP for a long time, you will notice that you won’t like the service for that particular branch, perhaps small servings and other errors, you will have to stick to that branch unless the FP search bar shows other branches.

Grab has a more accurate search bar.

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The Food Panda App’s location navigation is not good at all! It is not accurate and only shows blocks of grey boxes. Most of the address I searched is not showing on the app. Plus, the drivers might ask you what’s your address even after you placed an order.

It is not the driver’s fault, the app shows an inaccurate location and if the app detected that your driver is near you, there are chances that the transaction will automatically be completed, and your location will be deleted from the driver’s app.

Not being biased, but Grab has a good pin location system and is more accurate than FP.

I haven’t experienced any error with Grab about their GPS.

Price of Products

Grab has more expensive products than Food Panda. Take note that both apps increase the price of some products occasionally.

Cost of Delivery

Delivery fees in FP are much cheaper than Grab. Food Panda’s cheapest delivery fee is about 19 pesos. For the same distance, FP charged me 39 pesos delivery fee vs Grab’s delivery fee of 59 pesos.

Speed of Delivery

Food Panda drivers deliver my orders faster than Grab.


SOME Grab Food drivers are kinder than SOME FP drivers.

Not to disrespect all the food panda drivers but this is what I experience with both parties.

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But you’ll rarely encounter hotheaded drivers, I wouldn’t mind ordering for both services because of their drivers.

Communication with Drivers

In the Food Panda app, the driver’s message is automatically translated into the English language.

I can communicate well with the drivers using both apps. However, Grab shows more details about the driver when ordering food.